Is your business using outdated computers?

by Mike Hogan

The term "small business" is not the best way to describe you anymore. Sure, we all started out that way, but the description certainly never fit your dreams. And now, it probably doesn't accurately describe your physical operation. more >>

Building a better mousetrap

by Byron N. Lord

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that if a man builds a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to his door. However, despite many innovations that can save money, time, and materials--the adoption of a new innovation by the highway industry might take years. more >>

Self-service done right

by Robin Blair

From airport kiosks to online shopping, self-service is today's watchword. In healthcare, no one knows this like health plans. With a multitude of constituencies to serve including members, employers, brokers and providers, health plans are prime candidates to reap the business efficiencies and customer satisfaction opportunities out of self-service--as it should be. more >>

Selling smarts

by Paulo Prada

Brazil's information technology industry faces a quandary: Its world-class skills aren't known in most of the world. Despite boasting state-of-the-art systems and software providers, the country has not been able to export, its know-bow or products to many markets beyond its vast borders. more >>

Build a better business

by Robin Anthony

Are you still storing client contact information in a Rolodex--or worse--on 3"x4" cards? Do you have a corporate-grade voice mail and call forwarding system? Or does your business sound more like a pizza joint where employees transfer calls by yelling across the room? How your business looks and sounds to clients and potential customers is often just as important as the products you sell or the services you provide more >>