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There is a big test coming up. You know you need to study, but how? What is the most effective way to retain information? Some say it makes a difference what color ink you have in your pen. Red ink helps you remember, while notes written in blue ink are supposed to help you retain the information.

There are many ideas of what is right and wrong when it comes to studying. Is it better to cram the night before the test hoping you will remember, or should you study a little bit all week and have a better chance of retaining? Wrong methods of study, involving unnecessary friction, prevent enjoyment of school. This want of enjoyment results in much dawdling of time, a meager quantity of knowledge, and a desire to quit school at the first opportunity.

Want of enjoyment of school is likely to result, further, in distaste for intellectual employment in general. Yet we know that any person who amounts to much must do considerable thinking, and must even take pleasure in it. Bad methods of study, therefore, easily become a serious factor in adult life, acting as a great barrier to ones growth and general usefulness. So it is important for you to learn the correct methods of study for you or your child, no matter what age.

One thing to keep in mind is that most tests are scheduled well in advance, and 20 minutes of review each night will produce much better results on Thursdays biology exam than pulling an all nighter on Wednesday. Is your social calendar being filled up? Do the hours devoted to a part time job, extracurricular activities, socializing, or household chores crowd prime study time? If this is the case, you may need to refocus on priorities. Write up a study plan that includes other things such as sports, family time, and friends. The plan should show what exams, tests and quizzes you have coming up.

If your child shows you sloppy or careless work, insist that it be redone, but do not correct errors; teachers need to know what students do not know. This will ensure that quality is a priority since nobody wants to redo work Designate a specific area where your child can do homework without distractions. Equip it with school supplies so he or she does not have to be jumping up to get things. Try starting by tackling more difficult subjects first before fatigue or frustration sets in. It is also important to have patience with yourself or your child.

When checking over a younger childs homework, check for a specific item; say capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, or the correct punctuation at the end of it. You do not want to over criticize as it may make the child loose confidence in his ability.

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