Introduction to CECT A Cell phone

CECT has a series of phones which considered as the Iphone clones, such as 599, a8+, P168+, Hiphone. CECT or some other Chinese branded cell phones are selling their "Iphone clones" around the world with new models released every few months, all of them have the features inherited from Iphone, with big touch screen, slim, WAP.etc.

And CECT A8+ is one of those product but coming out with her own style. .

CECT A8+ is the upgraded version of 599 or P168, with a slimmer appearance. The phone has a 3.2 inch display with the resolution 240 x 320px which ensures a visual display of excellent quality. The new features added on this phone are shake control and video rotation, one can "shake" for the next music or wallpaper.

Here is the features for CECT A8+.

-- Tri-Band : 900/1800/1900 HZ
-- Languages Supported : English, French, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Chinese (Traditional)
-- Dimensions : 55 x 110 x 12 mm
-- Weight : 97g
-- Display : 16:9 Large Screen Display - Touch Screen (like Iphone) - 3.5" big screen that supports finger touch and no keypad or touch pen needed.
-- MP3/MP4/Camera/Webcam/MMS/WAP Supported
-- Memory Card : T-Flash Card, Expandable to 2GB
-- Shaking Features, shake control for the next mp3 songs
-- Multiple Point control, like what Iphone does
-- Unlocked to any major phone service carrier.

-- Capturing, video capturing, photo viewing, screen rotation
-- One-Key Return
-- Dual-SIM Card, supports SIM card switching.
-- Bluetooth Supported.
-- Tilt Technology: Video will shift 90 degree when you hold your phone horizontally to match your view.

-- Shake Control: Shake your cell phone for the next song, or change the wallpaper
.You can see more specifications and pictures on Cect A8+ . .

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