Digital Camcorder Buying Tips

If you're in the market for a digital camcorder, it's prudent that you arm yourself with a few tips before you buy otherwise you might end up with some thing that does not suit your needs. Below are a few guide lines that will help you along the way. If at all possible, take a look at the LCD screen in Day Light Because certain LCD screens have the tendency to fade out in bright sunlight, you need to ensure that you can use the screen under those conditions. If this is not possible then just use the view finder as this will also prolong your battery life. Lay emphasis on the lns's optical zoom ratio rather than the digital zoom ratio Optical zoom actually delivers a closer view of the image as opposed to digital zoom which merely makes the image larger through the view finder.

It's important to ensure that the camcorder has a minimum of 10X optical zoom. Buy an additional higher-capacity battery for longer recording times One of the most frustrating thing is running out of battery power in the middle of recording an important event. As most camcorders come a battery that only last for an hour or so it will be a worthwhile investment to buy an additional longer-lasting battery. Better audio results can be achieved with front mounted microphones Buying a front mounted microphone camcorder is is better than a camcorder with the microphone mounted on top. Rather than the camcorder capturing the event being recorded, the top mounted microphone has the tendency to capture the voice of the person using the camcorder. For best sound buy an external microphone Factor in an extra $50 to $100 for an external microphone if the camcorder you're interested in buying has the ability to connect an external microphone as this will give you the best sound possible.

Play and familiarize your self with the camcorder's controls and features before you purchase A bigger camcorder model may work better for you if it's more comfortable to handle, particularly if you have large hands as the smallest camcorders ocassionally can be difficult to use Be sure to examine exposure controls and low-light options All camcorders come with a completely automatic mode, but certain models have manual and semi-manual exposure modes. For eg, some models allow you to record at slower shutter speeds than others, or have aperture settings that permit more light to enter. Quite a few also offer scene modes, which you might be familiar with from digital still cameras. Low-light options also allow you to shoot in dark environments.

Numerous camcorders come with an infrared light or a long shutter mode to assist in capturing images in the dark. Know your format and look for wide-screen shooting If you own a high definition TV, you'll get a full picture with no black bars at the top and bottom if you record with a wide-screen model. Also it is important to know the format the camcorder records in. Majority of camcorders record onto mini-DVD discs or MiniDV tapes.

Bear in mind that MiniDV is the most widely available format which is a major boost if you find yourself short on tape while on vacation mainly because Mini-DVD discs are ofttimes difficult to come by.

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