FAQs while Choosing a Printer

Most people get confused about which kind of printer to purchase. Here are some basic questions you should ask before buying one. What kind of printer should I buy ? The kind of printer you should buy depends on what you need to print out. If you only need to print documents such as simple reports and spreadsheets, letters, or copies of Internet pages, a low-end inkjet printer may be enough for you.

If you need to print high quality photographs and presentations, you would want a photo printer. If you need to print more than a hundred pages daily without the need for colour, you should get a laser printer. Of course, a combination of a printer, scanner, copier and fax - a multifunction printer is always best. How much should I spend on a new printer ? Regular inkjet printers today generally cost less than 50. Of course, more expensive inkjet printers have better colour quality, can handle many print jobs at one time or can print on heavy paper. Good photo printers range from 130-200.

Black laser printers start from 150 while coloured ones start at 200. You may view our printer price list as we have a range of models and brands that will fit your budget considerations. How can a printer connect to computers ? Older models of printers connect through what is termed as a parallel cable. All PCs should have at least one parallel port where the printer can be connected through. Modern printers now use USB connection which is a lot faster.

If you plan to buy a USB printer, make sure that your computer has a USB port. If your PC is older and doesn't have one, opt for a parallel printer instead. Why are some printers cheaper than others ? Printer vendors usually make more money from selling ink and toner cartridges than from selling the actual printers. Printer users should continually buy ink when it runs out so that some vendors can sell their printer cheap, but have high mark-up on ink cartridges. Consider this when buying your printer.

Can printers be used on a network ? Definitely so. If you have a home network, it can be easy to configure it so that all the computers can access the printer. Office-level printers, on the other hand, are equipped with a Network Interface Card that allows it to become accessible to many employees. Should I replace my old printer ? If your current inkjet is doing just fine and you only need to print occasional documents, then you don't really need a new one. However, if you are printing family photos and would want top quality prints to show around, you might want to get a photo printer. Also, if you are starting a small business or if your business is starting to pick up with printing needs, then it's time to step up and get a new one.

If you have more questions about buying a printer, you can call JBO Solutions at 0870-803-1151 or use JBO Solutions premiere online live support. Our operators are more than willing to assist you.

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