My Golf Swing Mechanics Were Fine Until I Was Actually On The Course That Is

My golf swing mechanics were so gorgeous, I would routinely get people standing behind me at the driving range. There they were holding their third or fourth bucket of splintered, battered range balls, just watching me launch one after another toward the 285 marker. Pity those same folks didn't follow me to the first tee. There, in front of several anxious, waiting groups, I would routinely drive my first several shots of the day down toward the poor marshal in the woods asking us to play hurry up golf. What was the problem, I would constantly ask myself trying not to use profanity as I ran ahead of my three friends in a desperate attempt not to hear them discuss my horrendous shot.

What was the deal? I was a pro on the range. Turns out that while I was driving the snot out of the ball on the range, my golf swing mechanics were silently deadly. I was rushing my hands, slowing my arms and avoiding my legs entirely. So while the result was picture perfect, the golfer was very, very broken. So when I was on the tee, and forced to use proper mechanics, all golf hell would break loose.

The key to golf lies in the repetition of the right swing. Not any swing, the right swing. And the key to this golfers golf swing mechanics were found one day, quite by accident, with something I would never have tried. Remember being in school saying "I'll never need ot know this in real life"? Guess what.

some things you actually do!.

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