Remember When You Could Have Bought That Blackberry And You Did Not

Todays cell phones are compact information peddlers and most are good looking too. When you choose your cell phone plan ask yourself this, where will you be using your handset the most? Do you know whether there is adequate network coverage in the area you will be using your mobile the most? Personal safety reasons must be taken into consideration before choosing a provider that may not give you adequate coverage. Wireless consumers are becoming increasingly demanding. Gone are the days when consumers blindly accepted the inflexible service plans dished out to them. As a result, it is essential to pick the cell phone plan that will satisfy the majority of your needs. Recently, some cell phone companies gave the go ahead for you to call any number on any other network and you do not have to use any of your allotted minutes for the month.

Imagine that! A plan that allows you to call five to ten numbers without loss of allotted minutes. In the event that you get calls from these numbers, they are free! A major requirement for all cell phones is to have a System Identification Code SID. It is a unique five digit number.

Each carrier is assigned this number by the FCC. Your cell gets its SID code after you sign a service contract. Then it is activated. The Blackberry brand of handset is developed by Research In Motion Limited. They create the most up to date, sophisticated cell phone technology.

Here is a list of some of the things that Blackberries do: 1. send messages with the short messaging service 2. updating friends who are in a hurry 3. sending a typical email 4. accessing internets and intranets. Handheld Blackberry Smart Phones come with the Qwerty keyboard.

It is so much easier for older computer users. The keyboard may seem a little odd at first on a small handheld device. Most get used to it rather quickly.

Blackberry has the most respected name in the industry. Word has it that if you do not have a Blackberry in the business world you probably are not very important. High Tech, HTC, is an innovative mobile designer.

They have a goal of making waves in the industry with the newest and trendiest technology available. HTC specializes in Smart Phones and PDA phones. Their goal is to reach the true businessperson.

HTC builds most of their PDA phones with the GPS navigational service. The HTC Smart phones come with more simplified controls for those who are not cell phone savvy. If you are looking to join the elite Blackberry Smart Phone users, then it is time for you to upgrade from your current phone. To do that you will definitely need to heed the several cell phone plan tips in this article.

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