Turn your home phone into a cell phone

Find out who's calling We all have someone that we just do not want to talk to. Whether it is the busy body neighbor, the ex-girlfriend or the monthly collectors, we all need to know who's calling before we actually answer the call. It gives us control over our phoning lives. The way it works is quite simple, you get a little box with an LCD screen that will, when you phone rings, show you the number of the person who's calling, and if you have the number saved in the device, the name of the person will show up on the screen.

The great thing about devices like this is that they do not just show you who's calling they also answer the question that so many people ask when they see a missed call on their line, who called me? We all need to know who called so that we can decide to call them back, again, the great thing about these devices is that they will keep a list of all the missed called in the form of telephone numbers, and they won't just say that you have a missed call with no information like other devices do. So you can find who called very easily and you can return the persons phone call, if you want to, just as easily too. Find who called you with these devices and you will not miss a call again, unless you want to. The great thing about it is that all your calls are listed as telephone numbers, and if you want to return a call you just need to select the telephone number you want to call from the list.

What is more is that you can store you numbers in the device too, so you can access your caller list easily, and if one of your contacts called left a missed call it will come up with the caller name, because their number is stored in your contact list, much like the way a cell phone works. If you do not know who a number belongs to and feel that you need to return a call anyway, that is if the person did not leave a message, then you can perform what is called a reverse phone look up. You will be able to take the number insert it into a device and run the number so you can find out about the call.

Where it came from, who the owner of the number is and what area it is located in, so that you can decide if you want to call the person back, the same can be done with a cell phone number too, you can run a cell phone number in the same device and you will be able to tell who the owner is and where the owner or the phone was when the call was made, this is called reverse cell phone look up. So why not take control of your calls today?.

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