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The Latin American market for technology is in a comeback, and companies throughout the region are eager to take advantage of new generations of products that help them do business more efficiently and profitably. more >>

Build a better business

by Robin Anthony

Are you still storing client contact information in a Rolodex--or worse--on 3"x4" cards? Do you have a corporate-grade voice mail and call forwarding system? Or does your business sound more like a pizza joint where employees transfer calls by yelling across the room? How your business looks and sounds to clients and potential customers is often just as important as the products you sell or the services you provide more >>

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Opening and creating files with a Z extension - There are many file types on your computer and on the Internet.

A Few Important Facts About International Video Standards Conversion - International video standards conversion presents a larger challenge to international viewing than does region coding.

VOIP What You Really Need to Know - For the past ten years, the internet has played a huge role in everyone's lives.

Introduction to CECT A Cell phone - CECT has a series of phones which considered as the Iphone clones, such as 599, a8+, P168+, Hiphone.

Different Aspects Of A Compact Digital Camera - Compact digital cameras not only capture but store photographs electronically so there is no need for film or having them developed like a regular camera.


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Great expectations

by Amanda c. Kooser

It's that time of year when we get the old crystal ball out of storage, polish it up, and try to divine where business technology is headed in 2005. We can definitely report that entrepreneurs won't be commuting with jet packs, and cleaning robots won't be standard in most offices. more >>

Is your business using outdated computers?

by Mike Hogan

The term "small business" is not the best way to describe you anymore. Sure, we all started out that way, but the description certainly never fit your dreams. And now, it probably doesn't accurately describe your physical operation. more >>

ITAC encourages to adopt technology

by Sarah Lysecki

THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Association of Canada (ITAC) has organized a group of companies to come up with ways of bolstering technology adoption rates among Canadian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to help strengthen Canada's global competitiveness. more >>

New technology transforms real estate business

by Jeffery Hipschman

Once an afterthought, technology now represents one of the most significant financial and operational issues impacting real estate decisions. more >>

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